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Looks like a case of having to agree to disagree. Legion and I have very different perceptions of the same scenario. Neither of us is right, neither is wrong in the larger picture. Unfortunately we all only have our own perceptions to go on. He and I had a conversation today about how only our own opinions of ourselves are the only ones we can really believe as we can never get inside someone else's head and see ourselves as others do.

Coincidentally, as he was leaving my house, as has happened many times when we have argued, there is this awkward tension as he gets on his bike. He inevitably leaves without saying goodbye. This time, I asked him why he alway does that - leaves without saying goodbye. And he replied, to my surprise, why do you always make me stand here awkwardly without saying anything?

It's laughable how we can't see our own actions and some things we will never notice or even think about until someone points it out to us.
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