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There are some commitments I consciously choose, like when I commit to a lease or to working with a particular client, but in my personal life. I can only chose how I support, reinforce, or otherwise show the commitments that I make inspite of myself.

For example: While Stew and N were engaged, there was talk of Stew wanting children, but N cannot have children for medical/ health reasons. I was committed to their happiness and offered to be a surrogate. This could have played out in a couple of ways because I am fluid bonded with him. We could have gone the traditional route of invitro or Stew could have impregnated me and I would sign the baby over to N for adoption. Runic Wolf and Wendigo asked that if it ever came down to it, I not have a genetic child with Stew. Because I know that it would not damage my commitment to Stew to honor their request, I agreed. To dishonor their request, would have damaged my commitment to their happiness. Eventually Stew and N broke up because it came out that N did not want to have children and Stew couldn't bring himself to marry someone who wouldn't give him a family.
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