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Originally Posted by Imagination View Post
Her lifestile is rather "free love" with no responsibilities (except when she is in a mono romantic relationships I suppose), that's at least what I heard. No judgement, this might be the best for her.
That's just an assumption, I might me be totally wrong about her, and I was the one who went away the next day.

@ Castalia: "I understand what you were saying about the fear of putting yourself out there and possibly risking offending him or loosing the friendship."

I think you're really quite clear how you see yourself being polyamourous. Then it is up to others, if they see it in a similar way, you have no control about that and one shouldn't try to convince anyone. But just asking and telling your attitude and your wishes is allright in my opinion. Noone should be offended by that and if that is the case, that person should should do some reflection about her own lovelife.

Through this thread, I also see better, what my real needs are and what I only think (sometimes), that it is good for me. When I'm really sure what I want, I can talk about it more easily.
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