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I'm still not clear why you feel the urge to end these healthy, giving, loving relationships.
Probably because of the same reason that Butternut ended his/her relationship. I'm getting a feminine vibe so I'll say that Butternut is a her.

I guess that to me, the end of a relationship is just the start of a new beginning. Not a loss. From what I've seen, breakups generally occur because of relationship incompatibilities. Even small ones. If the people in the relationship are incompatible, isn't it a good thing in the long-term, that the relationship ends?

But I'm not a robot. I understand that change can be difficult on an emotional level (having gone through change myself).

I plan on staying friends with my partners if possible. So it's not like I'll be completely gone. It's just that I don't know where I stand when it comes to the romantic aspects of our relationships.
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