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Last night was fantastic... F and I went out and got coffee and just talked for... 3 hours? ish? We talked about family, our relationship, what books we're reading, our relationships with our husbands, jobs, friends, it seems like everything. I forget sometimes how easy it is to have a rambling conversation that lasts for hours. We had a few people staring at Starbucks.. Apparently when words like 'nonmonogamous,' 'swinging,' 'bisexual,' 'polyamorous,' and more come up fairly frequently in a convo people start to tune in to see what's up.

I'm not going to see F for a week which kind of sucks, but I'm so excited to get to spend time with my family for Christmas. I told M that I felt bad for him because he has to deal with F's family for Christmas (not that he doesn't get along with them, but he is from Jersey and they are from Missouri... it's a different culture) and then for New Year's he is going to be with my extended family. He told me he is looking forward to it, though, which made me feel good. My thought was that M doesn't HAVE to have anything to do with my family since we aren't involved, but he apparently thinks differently which made me feel even better! I know F is looking forward to it, too, so hopefully all goes well. M and Keith have been so amazing with everything. I can't imagine two men who could have responded better to their wives (not so) randomly deciding to date.

The sexual dynamic of the group has been way different lately, but I think it is starting to level back out. F and I were apparently VERY intense the last couple of times we were together, but now that things are more stable and we are more comfortable with what we're doing I think it will go back to being more playful like it has been in the past. Not that it won't always be a bit different now, but maybe we'll stop swatting the boys away whenever they want to get involved soon.
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