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Hi, I am 38 years old worman and in a very complicated relationship. I have 2 bf, my primary is considerably older, and married making me his secondary. My secondary is 40 and is bi. I am his primary and he has a guy that he sees occasionally. I am also bi curious and have been talking to a very nice woman that unfortunately is a couple of hours away. Not sure how that is gonna work out yet. I have been in this type of relationship for quite some time. The first bf for 6 years and the 2nd for 3 years. I was married twice before and not really sure if I want to do that again. (I'll keep you posted about that) I have 2 girls from the first marriage, that are nearly grown and have some idea about my lifestyle, just not that I am bi curious.
I find myself wondering if I am gonna continue this complicated way of life. I know that it must work on some level bc its continued for so long. My secondary loves the fact that I have another, it is definitely a turn on for him. And wants me to always have another even if/when my other relationship ends. I can't help but think that its inevitable that it will end eventually. If nothing else because of the age difference. I love them both and don't want to be w/o either of them. But at times it is exhausting dealing with so many angles.
Anyway, its nice to finally know that there are more ppl out there like us. I don't feel so alone now.
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