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Have definitely been there. When we started out... it was a swinging thing. My sort of partner at the time had been friends with my partners before I was. Because I wanted to be part of Sea and Tommy's life, I thought, this is great, we all get to be together. Problem was, he wasn't honest with himself or us. Once I was with Tommy, he put conditions on our relationship. I couldn't be with Tommy, and still have him as well. It worked for about 6 months, and that was it for me. I didn't know it at the time, but I was already in love with Tommy. It didn't take away from the love I felt for this other man, but even though he started out in this type of relationship, he couldn't stay with it. Bottom line. He made me absolutely miserable, and hurt Sea. When we broke up, he couldn't be friends with Sea anymore. So not only did he break up with me, he broke up with her, and she didn't do anything except accept Tommy and I and be his friend. Definitely his loss.
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