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I am blessed with the capacity to be several things at once, combined with the capacity to challenge the ease with which people slot individuals into neat categories, adding a stereotyped label.

I work a lot. For almost no pay. I like making fantasies come true. I am not afraid of my own body. I look at the world and see the beauty in it.

I'm enjoying the ride at the moment. I have some awesome people in my life that I am very grateful for. Looking to add to that number.

I try to keep my life simple because life in general has become very complex. I'm easy-going, laid-back and do not welcome scandal into my life.

I'm a very private person and keep to myself and my close friends. I prefer not to answer personal questions than to lie or mislead. I'm not ashamed of what I am, but I don't broadcast.

I'm a free-spirit that doesn't stay in one place too long, but cultivates strong relationships with people all over the world.

I'm very open minded sexually, and very little shocks or appals me. Though not everything is my cup of tea, I am open to exploring.

I'm fairly hairy. Most of the time unshaven. I'm not that tall, not very muscular and I'm not blonde. So I'm probably not what you are looking for.

Travel, dining and food in general, reading, music, photography, watching films and theatre, kayaking, comic books, swimming, baseball, the beach, biking, public nudity, video games, board games, words with friends, museums, art, cuddling, hiking, camping, enjoying life, computers, being a nerd, bbqing, having fun with friends.

I don't watch tv, but have several computers. I have netflix.

I'm looking for:
Fun, friendships and perhaps love.

Looking for friends who are open-minded and/or educated.

I prefer kissing non-smokers. I try to stay away from people who abuse substances.

I'm open to long term triad relationships. But only if I'm joining an existing strong relationship based on mutual respect.

I am a meat eater (get your mind out of the gutter) and that is not likely to change. But I respect those who are vegetarian or vegan. Just know, if you shack up with me, the smell of bovine murder will permeate the household.

Life is too short to compile a long list of "preferences" that might exclude someone amazing from your life.

I appreciate wit.
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