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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
You got me! I did write that...and I stand by it.

My point is you can't gain those EXACT same experiences unless you do it the same. You can't experience riding a motorcycle by driving a might get to the same destinations but will not have the same experience as the person on the bike. If almost everyone else is getting there on a bike you'll probably want to try it too.
And my point is that there are far more ways to gain experience than in a narrow traditional relationship as you put it. What experience are you actually talking about? Being able to love someone completely and dedicate years of your life to them? Being able to have kids with them? Being able to feel safe and secure in their love for you and vice versa? Being able to buy a house and build a life together? Being able to make life changing decisions together?

Exactly what experiences in a deep loving "traditional" relationship exist that don't exist in other types of relationships? I suppose the only one might be feeling "normal" though for many that's not even the case.

Either way, I stand by my stance on it. Being "normal" for the sake of experiencing "normal" doesn't give us nearly the treasures self-knowledge that those other experiences give us, and none of those experiences are unique or exclusive to "normal". I guess you just place a higher value on normal than I do.
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