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Default What this single gal is not only offered but given

I'm not a unicorn, just one side of our V. I am offered and given so much in our relationship.

If I was younger, would I want to be in a poly relationship? Probably not. I have a 23 year old daughter, and wouldn't want her to have to share her love for her man. Is he capable of loving more then just one person? I'm sure he is, but she's just starting out her life, and for me, I believe every young girl deserves to have a man who will love only her. I was blessed to have that, and I want that for her as well. If she wanted a poly relationship, I would be very vocal in advising against it. I would ask her to wait, find out who she is before she makes such a big decision.

I love both Sea and Tommy. They are a big part of my life and my world. Because of them I have an extended family with children that call me their other mother. I have the security of knowing that should I ever find myself without a place to live or means to support myself, they will be there.

I have the luxuary of knowing that they love me for who I am, and not wanting me to be someone else. I have confidence in myself, because they show me nothing but confidence in themselves, each other, and me. I can be opinionated, argumentive, happy, sad, a know it all, and a know nothing, and they still respect my thoughts and feelings. I know that I have not just one champion, but two. They would never allow disrespect for me or our relationship. When I'm right, they tell me I am, and when I'm wrong they tell me that too. Most people if they are lucky have one person who love them uncondionally, I have two. No agenda. Not what's easier for them. They live with stares, the pointing fingers, and the whispers, and do so willingly, and with love. When I want to be alone, I can be alone. When I need to talk, one or both listen.

Will I ever marry Tommy? No
Will there always be someone who was there before me? Yes
Does that take away from what we share now, or from our future? No
Am I apart of their future? Absolutely

I am truly blessed. I have the best of all dynamics, and I oftentimes wonder what this single gal offers their married life.
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