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You are right, I'm just down the road from London.

The thing is, my wife is a *little* anti-nonmonogamy.

Lets call the woman I tried to speak to, B.
My wife is friends with C, who is friends with B. We've been invited more and more to social events with C, where B is often included. My wife has met B, and knows as much as I do, - only that she said she's had multiple "affairs". I think thats the wrong word, because I sort of gathered her carrying ons were with the consent of her husband/s.

Now, I think it will be better for my wife to know someone and then later be informed of her non-monogamous sex life, rather than if I announced "hey, lets go meet some poly folk!"

I just think it would be gentler and a softer approach, and that she'd be more accepting, if it was a friend who turned out to be non-monogamous, and then we could discuss how it worked for her and everyone involved.

See what I mean?
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