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Default Regarding kissing/making out

Alright, as you can all tell from my username I am strictly mono and am very much against Poly. However, there is one type of Poly that I find acceptable. The Poly relationships were both partners are allowed to have sex with others, however kissing is not allowed and is only reserved for the primary couple. I believe something should be kept sacred and kissing IMO is much more intimate than sex. (Yes, I'm like that hooker in Pretty Woman)

Therefore if I were to get involved with a Poly partner I would draw the line at kissing/making out. They would be allowed to have sex with others, but no kissing would be allowed, not even kissing during sex.

See to me, I hope that kissing is still seen as sacred and something that should only be shared between two people as it's the most intimate form of connection.

So I'd like to hear from you guys... Those that are Poly, do you allow yourselves/your partner to kiss others or is that a hard limit for you as well? Mono people, would you also feel more uncomfortable with your partner making out with someone else than with just having sex?
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