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I'm the hinge of a vee and while I sometimes need a sec to vent out some shit about one partner before carrying on with a partner I do so and move on. I don't expect them to solve it or even respond.... just let me vent so I can put it aside and allow myself to focus on the person I am with. Moping around is not an option EVER. That is entirely unfair. If I need to mope then I do it on my own time.

I also don't talk about the details of my sex life with my partners. I have certain routines but I don't feel it is respectful to brag, or be awe struck about how many orgasm a partner has with another partner (etc.) unless they get off on that kind of thing. Certainly not if they struggle with it. Really not respectful.

Lastly, no one tells me what to do when it comes to whether or not I can have other partners. If I agree because I want to give a partner time and want to investigate myself within their boundaries then I do it. When its done though its time to do my thing. I am not partial to being manipulated and controlled. I don't think anyone should be. Especially in a situation whereby they are doing so as some form of One Penis Policy (OPP) or ultimatum. There is a term for this actually that we just had a thread on. I can't remember what it is now.

Ya, I would be sitting him down for a serious talk about my boundaries to see if there is any way that an agreement that is balanced and fair can be reached. If not and he continued to pull an ultimatum based on withholding love if I didn't do as I was told, I would say good-bye.
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