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Originally Posted by jrcx3 View Post
4 months ago my husband and I met a wonderful woman and developed a wonderful relationship with her. It has been a struggle and a blessing all wrapped in one whirlwind of self discovery and love. We have been playing 'house' for the last 2 weeks and it feels like we have never been apart. I and my husband are so totally in love with our 3rd and its so wonderful to have her in our life. I have never been so loved. Our kids love her too and she loves all of us. We had reservations about all living together, thinking we would all need more alone time or individual relationship time but it hasn't worked out like that. We put together two double sized beds and it has been bliss since the first night. I cant imagine life being different.

So to all the nay sayers in the begining...I am so glad to prove you wrong. Its great for the Poly community and great for us. Poly love to you all.
wow, good for you. I would love to know how it goes in the future. We haven't had much input on here about anything over about six months.
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