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Originally Posted by kirsten View Post
I just am wary of triads due to what Iíve read here.....

It sounds like any temporary triads evolved into vees......

Iím going to visit them and their kids in a month. We will have to do the LDR thing for about a year and a half, but after that point I was planning to relocate anyway. Any advice for handling a triad?

And before you say it, I am still working on my codependence issues, both in individual therapy and in a small group. Itís a slow process but I feel like Iíve made a lot of progress already.
It sounds like you are being smart about it. Going slowly, letting it all evolve, respecting that each relationship is different and has its own nuances. I think it might be just fine.

From what I know of triads and what I have experienced here, its the ones that place a million rules, decide its best to never have sex without each other all being present and get together in an instance without with the expressed interest in ONLY creating a triad that don't make it.
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