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Doing okay, I guess. Got an interesting phone call today asking if I was still interested in a part time job I applied for. Got some more details on the position; which is 2 full days a week at $15 an hour. Ofcourse, I'm still interested. So I'm hoping that I will get called for an interview after the holidays.

On the flip side, I'm really worried about the loves of my life. Runic Wolf is being run through the wringer at work; extremely early mornings; long days; and seemingly endless retail hell. He's grouchy even when he tries not to be and it's wearing on me and Yoda. Wendigo's computer was hit with a major virus, so our ability to keep in touch is limited to when he has access to their son's back up computer. I can only hope that he didn't walk into a battle field after I dropped him off last night and that Pretty Lady's antibiotics are starting to kick in.
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