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I'm lucky enough to live near what appears to be a blossoming poly community. There are at least a couple of regular community meetings at a downtown restaurant. I want very, very much to show up to one and talk to folks.

I don't need or want a community in order to feel validated in being poly; I've made my peace with that. I'm not looking to cruise the community but have to admit that the idea that potential poly partners/lovers/fuckbuddies/friends/whatever could be found there is nonetheless powerfully attractive- the "tribe" angle of poly has always resonated with me.

I'd include anybody who identified as, or was curious about, poly. As long as they don't prove to be abusive or otherwise horrible, I can't imagine why I'd exclude anybody who wanted to be a part of it.

I just think it's a neat thing to have in common and would love to participate in get-togethers where affection could be displayed in a much more fluid state than normal.

Dunno if that makes sense. I'm on my seventh cup of nog.
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