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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
What does he say is the root of his fear about it?

I've been getting confused lately at the number of people saying that they don't know what their partner is thinking about this or that serious/difficult issue/topic. Aren't folks doing the massive amounts of processing that (to my mind, anyways) you can't get away from in poly? Is the issue that people don't feel comfortable asking why their partners are feeling a certain way, or is it that the partners won't or can't dissect it for them?
I think a lot of people have a difficult time asking a lot of questions. Or at least asking the right ones. I know I'm someone who needs things to be specific to be able to really understand what is being asked and often can't find the right words to use to be able to ask others.

I do keep persistent, until I have my answer/have answered their questions though. =]
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