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what does a married woman offer a single guy would be my question... especially a mono one.... hhhhmmmmmm Mono?

I would also like to know what a couple could offer a single gal, or guy without sounding like they are looking for a puppy.... I'm sorry, but every time I hear the inner workings of the collective mind of a married couple looking for their unicorn it makes me uneasy. I'm not sure why other than it just seems "pie in the sky" and kinda selfish.... maybe because I am not the sort of woman who would ever, ever(!) want to be the property of a couple.... sorry for putting it like that, but it often seems to sound like that is what they are looking for. Very one sided. Where does she fit in? Would she just meld to whatever? AHRG! Why does it bug me so????!!! Is it me or does it just all seem a bit like she would be brainless? She/he would have a HUGE fucking impact on a couples lives.... huge! Mono has in ours and we are a "V" not a triad. It sounds almost co-dependent some how... (*help*)

I just have to say that I get a kick out of Mono and Ceoli's posts together... Ceoli you are a lot like me in so many ways,,, you two sound like Mono and I having a debate! I love it! (I thought I would fees up to that!)

carry on ......
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