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Originally Posted by cheryl View Post
Its pretty hard to just let go and not look back, but I'm getting older anyway, and maybe I should really should keep to myself and consider the romantic phase of my life over. People do it all the time. They just completely give up.
I don't think anyone would tell you to completely give up having adult connections/romance. I think most people WOULD tell you that THIS romance probably isn't a wise one to cultivate. Abandoning your child shouldn't be an option. It just shouldn't. Your marriage may be over, but you will always be a parent and your daughter's needs must be considered. This guy, your bf, obviously isn't making you happy. He is imposing strict guidelines that aren't supportive of YOUR needs and he expects you to go along with without any discussion whatsoever. You should be able to tell him that you aren't comfortable hearing about his sex life with his other gf without totally cutting off the ability to ask how his night was. If ALL he can talk about is sex when you ask that question, I would assume he doesn't have emotionally supportive priorities in the first place.

I'd recommend dumping the bf and like SNeacail said.. Take some time just to reflect and to figure out what you need to do to have a fulfilling life. After figuring that out, put yourself back out there and meet someone new. Personally, I'd try to talk to your husband to see how you can make your home life more comfortable. I understand that the two of you may never have an romantic relationship again, but you do have a daughter that will always bind you together so you should at least try to be friends.
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