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I feel sorry for them too, and I have a lot of guilt about my past actions. I left because I couldnt stand the idea of lying and cheating and pretending anymore, and I had never heard about anything like polyamory. I came back because my daughter did not like traveling back and forth. And when I say I couldnt afford it, I dont mean I would have to live without certain luxuries, I mean my wages literally wouldnt cover $700 in rent, $600 in gas, food, etc. and still provide for her. and my husband was struggling too. But the marriage is too far gone to save, so we're basically co-parents. I dont know if he's seeing anyone or not. It's none of my business.

It's hard to live without any close adult bond, though, especially after you've grown very attached to someone. Its pretty hard to just let go and not look back, but I'm getting older anyway, and maybe I should really should keep to myself and consider the romantic phase of my life over. People do it all the time. They just completely give up.

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