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Thank you. (:

Well, I guess we can't start talking German in here But it's a godd exercise for me to write English, I like it.

You said it is great that we both made this decision together - asked vice versa: Are there polyamorous relationships where only one person of the couple made this step?

These are tons of definitions Are they officially given? I never thought there are that many terms of how to describe a relationship.. But I think in the end love can't be defined.. love just exists (how kitschy).

Yes, I'd like to read your story sometime I'll keep it in mind, thanks for the link.

And about my family:
I don't want my grandmas to know it right now. As you surely know grandmas can be very old-established and I think they'd keel over if I'd tell them But my parents have to be very open-minded! I won't let myself be judged by them, it's still my life. And of course my mother will always help and comfort me if I'd have a problem. Because sh'es family
Only problem is my very intolerant brother, but he's to accept it and over and be done with it
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