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Wendigo, Runic Wolf, and I spent about 13 hours together yesterday. We got some work done in the workshop; them on the belts that Runic Wolf is making for sale and me on a leather hooded mantle that I'm hoping to sell on e-bay.

When I picked him up, he looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders and we talked. It took me a while, but I've learned that when he's ready to talk, he'll come to me, but if I push he'll won't. On the way to our place, he filled me in on what's been going on at his place. It's gotten bad - he likened their relationship with her sister to getting in a car accident with someone and having them follow you home and kill all your pets. Ofcourse you wouldn't want to exchange insurance information with them after that. To make matters worse, she's invading their privacy to come in and scream in Pretty Lady's face AND Pretty Lady has been very ill this week and had to drag herself to the health center. Her blood oxygen level was at 92%; 94% is the danger warning zone. They gave her albuterol in straight oxygen and a shot of antibiotics. She has bronchitis and is on 4 different medications. Wendigo says the stress of their situation has her throwing up the antiobiotics; which of course has me worried for her. They are formulating an exit strategy; one that won't leave their nephews out in the cold; so all I can do is hope and pray for the best.

I love them both, but I understand why they won't take us up on an offer to live with us; maybe if we had a house and everyone could have a real bedroom and Pretty Lady could have an office again, but our town house really isn't big enough for 6. Still, it was hard to take Wendigo home last night. After the rest of the guys left, he stretched out on the couch and fell asleep; while I sat between him and Runic Wolf and rested my head on his chest. After and hour, I realized I had to get him home so we could all get some sleep. Kissing him awake always works, even if I did almost fall off the couch when Runic Wolf was coming back down the stairs; silly me putting me knee where there was no couch.

The ride home was pretty silent. I hate silence, but knew he didn't want to talk about himself anymore, so I talked about some of the funny stories people were telling on facebook from my elementary school days. He didn't even dare hug me in the driveway last night since his sister in law was home and he didn't want to set her off again.

I think we'll all be much happier when they've got their own place again. Wendigo might even be able to get a job again; though I'm not too thrilled at the options available for him - almost all of them are overnight which makes it hard to have game night around, but it does free up the daytime when the kids are at school for one on one time. But when I think about that, I feel guilty for thinking selfishly about the benefits I could get out of it.
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