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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Sometimes a single text really is too much to ask, and it would be whether it was me, her mom, her best friend, or even her husband who had sent it. Realizing that, by watching her with others, really helped.
Soooo true, but soooo hard nonetheless! lol Like I said, I get it, but since I am in a totally different place, I have to really WORK at getting it. Adding ADHD and such would be even harder, I'm sure. Kudos to you!

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
If you're feeling antsy, why not go out on your own, join a meetup group, contact an old friend, something like that?
Today, I have kind of put myself on lockdown. My in-laws are coming over on Christmas day and I have so much I have to get done! I'm rewarding myself with internet time for every task I cross off my list. And my list is full of actual tasks broken up into itty-bitty tasks... Like, instead of 'cleaning the bathroom' being one task, it is 'clean the tub/shower,' 'clean the sink/vanity,' 'clean the toilet,' and 'clean the floor and empty the trash.'

In general, though, I have tried to get in contact with some people that I never meant to lose touch with. The problem is we have all since graduated and everyone seems to have moved. I should check out meetup, though. I'd never heard of it until I kept seeing it mentioned on here! Thanks
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