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I am a bit calmer today. I am upset that ex picked my husband to go for a beer with, although I understand that only he would truly appreciate the situation. I guess I felt that I also needed hubby to be there for me at the same time. I would like to say that my hubby is awesome and I can't imagine how he manages all of it...and me for that matter.

I was hoping that there would be some great new clarity that would arise out of the conversation with the two of them but it seems it was just more of the same. BF can't be the person that I want him to be, he will never give me what I need (though he seems unclear about what it is that I need), but the concern seems to be that he is upset that I am feeling hurt and wants us all to be able to be friends again. I'm just not ready to move towards trying to be friends right now, and actually I am not usually friends with men. I'm not really ready to have the two of them hanging out without me again...but I assume that that will be the future.

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