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Hey there, nice to have you here.

I'm from Germany so please just ignore grammar mistakes, I'm trying as good as I can
Funny, I introduced myself with a similar comment when I first posted

One week ago we decided us for an open relationship with the possibility of equal relationships, which is as far as I know not exactly polyamorous where both partners do have the same third partner or maybe also a fourth.
It's great that you two decided to do this step together. The main advice I can come up with would be: Take it as slow as you need it to be for your thoughts to settle down and your mind to wrap itself around any given matter/topic/issue you are dealing with. One of the top 10 words used on this side is: Communication. You will be fine if you are able to process things and check in with your partner(s).

The relationship structure you are referring to can be a vee - one of three is involved (romantically) with the other two or a triad - every person of the three involved are in a romantic relationship with the others or a quad - four persons all involved with each other. You can continue with any given letter, the most common are: V, N or Z, M and so on. Try looking for the definitions. (

And I'd also like to hear your comments, especially how your relationships were back when you were 19.. (:
I knew my husband already back then. But we were happily monogamous and included a third party recently. If you are interested you can read about that in my blog (-> signature link).

I also talked about my mother and my friends with that form of relationship, I think also my father knows about it.
I have to say: Respect for marking that off your tally sheet this early in the process. They seem to be really open minded if they didn't mind your choice. Or is it something that is that common in your surroundings/family?

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