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Dang it, where is the "Like" button.
Thank you.

Today I am struggling a little bit. As I said... F and M are going to Texas for Christmas, which is great. They are leaving Thursday, so instead of hanging out on Wednesday night like usual, we are getting together tonight. F and I are actually going to get to leave the house which I am still stoked about. Anyway, the part that is bothering me. I sent F a text this morning asking if she would like me to come over earlier than planned this evening to help her finish up packing or entertain her son so that she wouldn't have to whilst packing (M is pretty useless when it comes to that kind of stuff - he is a great dad, but VERY impatient when he is trying to watch their kid AND do something else). I randomly woke up early this morning and managed to send this text BEFORE F and M would have gotten to work. It is past time for their lunch break and still I have heard nothing. Which frustrates me. Even though I know it shouldn't.

I am a stay at home wife at the moment, so pretty much the only time I get out of the house is when I need to run errands, babysit for people, or go to hang out with people. So on these long days when I am home alone, I guess I just wish I had someone around who could talk to me. lol I know F can't, but it still makes me sad that she doesn't/can't respond to ONE text. Oh, well. It really isn't a big deal, I just have to convince my loneliness/boredness of that.
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