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You know letting him sit with the idea first and then just come out with the whole, "I love you and I'm open to more than a platonic relationship." in a couple months sounds like a good idea. And yes, he knows specifically that I am poly, we just haven't discussed how that might manifest. I did clarify that I am not in to sex without having feelings for the person first. Sometimes I assume that people read in between the lines though when they may very well not.

You know it's funny that letting him mull it over piece by piece came up because I was trying to do that. When I brought the topic up before I was just trying to feel him out and then I waited a while and told him I was poly. What is baffling to me is that he identifies as being poly "in the strictest literal definition" in that he can love more than one person, but also reports that nonmanogamy isn't a good principal for him. How does that work?
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