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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post

That's great that your experiences have given you those abilities. I'm just saying that there are other ways to gain those experiences that don't need to be viewed through a mono-centric lens. And yes, you're saying "not all, but most", but I still consider it to be a narrow view. It is completely possible to achieve those hallmarks in live without being monogamous, or even monogamous first then poly next. I see people do it all the time.
You got me! I did write that...and I stand by it.

My point is you can't gain those EXACT same experiences unless you do it the same. You can't experience riding a motorcycle by driving a might get to the same destinations but will not have the same experience as the person on the bike. If almost everyone else is getting there on a bike you'll probably want to try it too.

The word most is appropriate because it reflects the vast majority. I stand by that too. Until the world shifts, we can't argue stats...they're imperical. Most people achieve those hallmarks through traditional paths as it stands today.

I'm glad you see it all the time and wish the rest of us did too. If that was the case we wouldn't be on this forum, because it would be the "norm" and we all wouldn't need so much help in trying to achieve acceptance within society, family and in fact within ourselves.

On this note I'll have to give you the last word on this topic because I am actually feeling guilty about hijacking this thread. I also am not a person who needs to understand others or be understood. I accept that some people are wired differently, and think differently. There is a freedom in that LOL!

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