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it is argued that a few links to movies in the works are hardly evidence to support this theory. but i argue this :would those movies have gotten backing ten years ago? twenty? thirty? although they did not have movies like we do,
There were/are movies like that, and they DID get "backing". They are called "science fiction". And there was only ONE link to a movie mentioned in this thread. The other two were to a forum and to someone's blog, which do not require "backing", only an internet connection.

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it is theorized in the pagan community that the current age is comming to a close and that the following age shall have within it a large time of major chaotic shifts. shifts of power, shifts of thought, shifts of theology and philosophy... all of it. not dissimilar to what happened in europe after the fall of the roman empire.
Yea yea. The whole "Age of Aquarius" thing.

I might point out that after the Roman Empire fell, there was a period known as the "Dark Ages", where information, goods, and services became localized and scarce. This lasted for a good 400 years or more.

The end result was widespread Christianity, and domination by the Catholic Corporation in particular.

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...and change can come quickly
I can believe that things can quickly change for the worse before they get better.

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