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What a crazy weekend I'm home free until vaca time. All stressful performances out of the way. I did it! Feeling proud and relieved. I was so thankful to be on stage last night looking out over my dear loves and a great group of friends. We all went out for poutine afterwards and chatted and laughed into the night. I woke up today still tired and achy and feeling the come down of all the work I have done.

Next up is crazy celebrations and events. Friday started it up with a surprise birthday party for me put on by my friend who bought me all the fixin's for eggnog martinis.... 1oz vodka, 1oz amaretto, 2oz eggnog. So good and goes down way to easy. We ended up putting all her clothes on and doing a little catwalk dance. I tugged along this woman that I only met once at a friends party who's husband take no interest in her any more. I gave her a lesson on walking with confidence and we all dolled her up and put some body enhancing clothing on her. She looked fantastic! She walked out with confidence and sure enough he didn't look once! Turns out later when I told Mono of the event that her husband hates her and is only with her because he is afraid of loosing everything. Very sad. It made me very sad, the whole thing... I came out to her and told her about how she could be loved and cherished and so could he and that its all possible, but really, was it? All I saw was doom and for no good reason other than they are both very damaged by now.

Tonight I went out with PN to his child hood best friends birthday party. I swear PN married the female version of his friend when he married me. We are so alike. PN wanted to leave about a half hour after we got there but I kept at it. We never hang out with this guy any more and he was so thrilled that we were there. When we left he complained to PN that he never returns his calls and that it had me who got him there. He told me to keep kicking his butt. He never did understand how introverted PN is and how uninterested in social events such as that he is.

Today we had a family meeting. Sat and had coffee in the living room and discussed the weeks plans. I am at work and the men and boy are off on holidays. We got the google calendar out, and our "do lists" and set a plan where by everyone had there part. I was grateful because I was feeling the pressure to do a lot of tasks, planning, cooking, baking, and present wrapping for the season.

Mono has just put a new floor in in our kitchen. Its beautiful. He has been such a great help and we all love him. PN is as grateful as I am even though it was like pulling teeth to get him to commit to spending some money. I got us a huge deal and Mono did the work. It was well worth it.

This week will be hard. Its all work related and confidential for now. I look forward to next Friday already. I will need the break by then.
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