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I have no idea where you get the communication skills thing from. Simply put..people generally like to experience what others around them get to experience. Traditional relationships are the norm, they are what the vast majority of people get to experience, they are visible, accepted by the vast majority of the world and understood. My point is..most people want to experience what their friends and families get to experience. Poly is not that...not yet..maybe later.
I specifically said relationship skills, not communication skills (though that's a subset)...because that is something with which a person creates quality relationships in their lives. Now it may be your view that most people want to experience things in the norm, but I don't see the value in that if that's the only reason they want to experience it. I also don't see it as a prerequisite to creating quality relationships, poly or mono. I see that view as creating limitations on relationships by using the mainstream monogamous norm as a template that people must have in order to move into other kinds of relationships.
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