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Default To talk openly/ we got to care about everyone involved

I think another important point is patience. Usually, especially when love and sexuality is involved, we want it know, we don't want to miss a chance. Friendships and love relationships for may be even a lifetime are, may they be intimate or not, take some time to develop and it is really important to be considerate from the beginning.

Our social - sexual behaviour I believe is deeply imprinted in our bodies and minds and it is quite a challenge to change the precondition, that molds society the way we see it now with all its destruction and repression. I have not many problems to talk about my political or spiritual convictions. But when it comes to polyamory, I often feel inhibited and uncertain due to social values that are the norm, even though I know that for me if I could choose and I can, it is a better way. This is my next step, to learn to talk openly.

Another example why we should be considerate and how deeply everyone is affected when love relationships and sexuality are concerned. A friend wanted to visit me for a day, but a day before her boyfriend got an epileptic attack. Me and her talked on the phone about that and one of the reasons for the attack possilby has been her planned visit to me, her former boy friend and lover. We all three got to meet each other, I haven't even seen her new boy friend so far. And I suggested that she won't visit me (70 miles drive) and stay with him for the weekend (who still needs rest), which she does.

After all, I'm still very confused about being polyamorous, yet I'm looking forward to the future and I'm rather confused than being bored, than staying within alleged safe regions, than repressing a part of me, a truth, that wants to live.

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