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Default Home :)

(PS (pre-script!): rory - thanks for replying, and it's interesting you didn't identify with the selfish thing. When I get a chance might write more about what I meant by that.)

They say home is where the heart is, and long distance-ing can feel a bit like you're straddling countries.

I know I've been getting off lightly in comparison to some others (a local poly friend of mine had been dealing with two, and at some stage I think three, separate long distance relationships at once; some of these were very very long distance)

Mine is more of a medium distance, really. It's a 3 1/2 hour flight that costs about what I earn for a week to make the round trip.

Anyway, Sage is back in town! "It's so good to see him" is a whoppin understatement. (I've noticed that there's someone else called Sage in this forum --- whoops. I was thinking of using two names for S anyway: Sage/Sugar. Also for C: Carob/Cam(embert) Since we're all about the more-than-one I'm sure we can cope with this.)

Also had a surprise visit from a couchsurfer who I hosted earlier this year. He turned up just before I was due to pick Sugar up from the airport (still with me? ha!) and, to be honest, my heart sank cos I was looking forward to time by myself, and then time-for-just-the-two-of-us (s & m...e). But then pulled myself together and acknowledged it really was cool to see him (the CSer) again and it's been quite fun around the house.

It's time to pack away most of our stuff as a couple of friends are moving in to house/cat sit next week... FOR A WHOLE YEAR! It's all on; I'm moving!

First, holiday. Leaving on Tuesday. Saga* & I are going away with one of S's best friends for just over a month. This is one of the best friends I had a crush on (the other one is the best mate of Cam's). Will tell that story at some point, for AnnabelMore (* who said I just had to stick to two names, there are no rules here. Will stick to the same initial though... promise )

Was in a pretty messed up mood when I wrote the last post, feeling much better now. Writing helps, talking with the people concerned (obviously) helps more. Did a "you didn't help with the dishes!" vent to C the other day, just needed to let off steam even though I wasn't feeling rational/reasonable. I couched it as an emotional need.

The conversations went a bit like this:
me - C, I'm feeling like shit, I need to vent, this isn't well-thought out... all good?
C - vent away
C - I'm really sorry I didn't help with the dishes. Just slipped my mind
me - I know, it's cool, I love you, just BLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH
C - *hugs*
me - *hugs* cya soon

Carob & I are gonna be well medium-distance, I think And for now, the three of us in the same city for two more days! If S & I get enough packing done, gonna chill out with C + his mate (yeah the bestmatecrushthing) + possibly some other mutual friends this arvo. Got a breakfast date with Sage, another of his close friends (no crush there, haha), Carob and the CSer on Monday. Actually haven't had a chance to tell C yet but I'm the mistress of scheduling (or at least I like to think so). Nah, I vaguely know his routines... mmm... okay scheduling is a whole other topic. Time to get back to the putting-stuff-in-boxes game (much more fun with objects than people!)

I <3 home

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