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Default So here are my thoughts/answers to when I was asked.

What does a married guy offer to a single gal?
Well, I can offer intelligence, dating, and a relationship without games and bs, but instead with pure honesty.

Will she feel comfortable bringing you home to meet her parents?
This is not a question for me, but for her. I'd be down as parents help make the person. My folks are awesome, and I'm actually looking forward to telling them my decision when it is right.

Are you going to give her the security of a marraige type relationship if she wants it?
No. I can give the insight, passion, endearment, and closeness of a long term relationship, but not security as a marriage can provide.

Will you give her children?

Will you be proud and open about her and is she free to be with you openly?
Well yeah, that's what this is all about.

Will she have a secretive relationship similar to an affair and only known to you and your wife?
No, that would be using her.

What besides sex and occassional dates are you going to offer her?
A working relationship where we could depend on one another with the only stipulation, that I could not spread myself so thin that my wife and child do not receive any attention.

Mono also said that these were questions that most young women would have a problem with. Contrary to that, I found that a single older monogamous woman would have these questions even more.
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