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i think that the difference between the lizard-theory and the evolution of mind is the pure bulk of it. what the skeptics of the posted hypothesis argue is that if they post something about lizard peopel then there is evidence that humans believe this. while true, i would have to point out the sheer VOLUME of things that support the hypothesis.

it is argued that a few links to movies in the works are hardly evidence to support this theory. but i argue this :would those movies have gotten backing ten years ago? twenty? thirty? although they did not have movies like we do, would a book on these topics a century ago have gotten published? two centuries ago?

it is theorized in the pagan community that the current age is comming to a close and that the following age shall have within it a large time of major chaotic shifts. shifts of power, shifts of thought, shifts of theology and philosophy... all of it. not dissimilar to what happened in europe after the fall of the roman empire.

just my thoughts.
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