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A couple of things to keep in mind.

If given the option, she may choose to see her extended family now but to see you without a second thought down the line. Relationships take time to develop, especially when someone already has so many other things on their plate.

Different people show caring in different ways. For some people, idle contact when there's nothing to say means nothing to them and may in fact just be annoying. The fact that she doesn't show caring in the exact way you want to receive it doesn't mean she doesn't care. I would say anyone who consistently makes alone time for you when she had a two year old is definitely showing you that she cares and that she prioritizes you.

If the contact issue really is that important to you she should be able to bend a little and try. Just understand that you may be speaking different languages here. I'm a very touch-oriented person and my gf likes her space when she's not being intimate with someone. It took her almost two years to begin to unlearn her habits and really understand my needs so she could give me those idle touches I was craving without feeling crowded.
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