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Default Hello, with questions.

Hello, I am new to this world of "POLY". Please excuse me if I am ignorant, myself and my wife are interested in trying this. My wife is a very sexual woman and she likes other females, I would be a hypocrite if I said I didn't think about other women. I can not see myself with another woman if I couldn't be with my wife, we have have been to strip clubs and she has had private lap dances. I have no problem with this, she has expressed to me that she does not want another man but would like to have a female. I like all men dream about having two women in the same bed, but understand a dream is a dream and reality is reality. Where does one go from here ?? We live in a rural community and would like to be discreet, I am not against my wife being with another woman but would hope that it could go further.I/we have looked at different sites but they are all bullshit. I am asking this forum of individuals and couples, what is the next step and where does one look?? Sorry about not paragraphing, it's been a long day and would like to find an answer to our problem. Any info would be greatly appreciated...
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