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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Are you still be treated for depression?

Are you still in therapy? Did you and your wife go as a couple? If so to either, has it helped you navigate this new so?

Whats the downside if the door get slammed on you and your marriage?
No, I'm no longer being treated for depression. I was before though, initially without, then with, medication.

I am seeing a poly-aware marriage therapist by myself, and want to turn those sessions into couples counseling- which was one of my initial stated goals when I first started seeing the therapist. My wife has agreed to go, but that agreement is only a few days old so there hasn't been any movement in that direction just yet.

I will say that the therapist in question helped me sort out... well, actually, helped me come to terms with being poly. I know what I'm experiencing doesn't hold a candle to the awful crap most queer folk go through, but I think I've gained a much deeper appreciation of their troubles- what it's like to not fit the mold, not even know why, feel terrible about it, and, once figured out, want to deny it, because it would just be so much easier if one didn't feel the way one does, and how hard it is to come out.

The downside? You mean if my wife says "HELL NO" to poly? I want to be sure I'm answering the exact question you're asking.
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