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Originally Posted by KindaPOd View Post
There's a good chance that I'm just acting like an infantile prick. Not something that I'm proud of but I'll own it if that's the case.
Well yes you are. BUT, its refreshing to see someone just own their shit, and not hide behind some pretty words. Thank you.

Originally Posted by KindaPOd View Post
I just don't see the point in obsessing over it. I'll never know either way. You get to a point where you just have to accept that what happened, happened. What may not have happened, may not have happened.
True, BUT,.the truth is you DID make up your mind. You have decided in your own mind that she did it. This is where the disrespect comes from and the passive-aggressive shit. Aggressive, would of been finding out the truth, and turning over every stone to have the facts.
Passive-aggressive in your situation, means holding court in your own brain, deciding she is guilty, and then letting future decisions be punishment.

So, you can choose to believe what you believe. Which means, your gf takes precedence, because you respect her, and don't feel lied to by her.

Making your wife a secondary though, akin to giving her leftovers off the table. Its not like you will suddenly respect her as a secondary.

Those who do the 'switcheroo' successfully, do so with a genuine interest in treating all parties well.

So is any of this 'fair' to you or her ? No. That is life. Sometimes we cannot find the truth, sometimes our brains and hearts make the decisions for us.
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