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JRiver - I meant both should give up their current interests and look for new ones with no ties to either in their past

JustMe and theque - I can only help based on my experience, having read both sides and going by whats been said, again, I suggest letting these current interests go, taking time together to work out your issues while seeking possible new loves and getting more of a nuetral starting point to come back to giving poly a try

being open doesn't mean you have to do anything, it simply suggests your open to try, my experience suggests there is simply too much pain and hurt surronding these current interests you both have, to me that suggests the best course of action is letting go and moving on

you both need to do whats best for you, individually and together, talk openly and honestly, listen to one another, don't feel or be forced into anything, you both trying poly at the same time sounds like what your interested in, baby steps, and moderation, just take it slow, keep talking and sharing, really talk until you think its all been said, then talk some more

I wish you both the best whatever you decide
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