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... It was so very sweet and innocent. I hadn't felt good like that in awhile. On the way back to my house a couple hours later he tried to hold my hand. I said I couldn't I had L. And he had a girlfriend/ex-girlfriend thingy. He wished he had me....continued just to finish it...

We hit off very well and planned on hanging out more. A few days later I texted him asking if I could come over, and that I needed a place to sleep before work because my family was home and very loud. He said it'd be okay. I drove there, 20 miles north of where I currently lived. He let me in. I was so impressed with all of his things. We talked and looked at all his things. I asked him about alot of it. We shared so many interests. I asked if I could lay down. He said it'd be fine. I laid in his bed as he sat beside me and started a movie to help me sleep. Super (title). I asked him to hold me. He did. He got excited I could feel. He apologized. I told him not to. We kissed. We had sex. This was a mistake. I wasn't completely broken up with L. We were not talking and I didn't know exactly where we stood.

I liked T by this time a lot. This is no excuse. I'm not defending my actions. I was in the wrong.

We had sex multiple times. That one day. I went to work. He made me so happy.
I don't remember much. I think we kept hanging out that week. We kept having sex. L and I didn't talk. We had so much sex I got a uti. Sex with him was pure bliss. He's very gracious. L wasn't so much. Sex with L hadn't felt right in about a year and we stopped having sex several months previous to me and T meeting.

We did this a couple weeks. I finally broke up with L.

During this time, B messaged me on FB informing me of her existence and that she was with T.
She actually had messaged me when T first added me on FB. She said she was with him and I needed to leave him alone. Now he didn't say exactly what their relationship was like, but I didn't push to find out. I just told him the past didn't matter if the present was happy.

He said they weren't really together because she had left. He did leave out though that he was sending her presents and love. He still said he loved her everyday. I didn't know this. I didn't push. I thought, from what I had collected, that she was probably just jealous and upset he was getting over her. She had left him, was my whole basis for a lot of things. She left and was dating a female. Intimately.
So I took what she first said with a big grain of salt.

I wanted to be his friend without her having say. It was his life. I told her we were just friends. We were at this point.
Me = needing self help

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