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I don't really know how I feel about my wife dating. I've never really had any strong opinions about anything throughout my entire life so this is new to me. I can safely say that I don't feel bad about what she does. I don't really enjoy it that much either. I'm in the middle atm.

The main reason why she brought up polyamory is that she has the type of personality where she has to have new and exciting experiences. If you look at it in a negative way you could say that she is never content with what she has.

My wife and gf's personalities are not like my mothers. I'd be out in a second if there was a resemblance. No middle ground.

I think that you are getting closer to what I'm thinking, dinged (you're really good at this). I'm questioning how much I genuinely love both of them v.s how much of my feelings are just unhealthy emotional attachment that stem from my past codependency problems.

I also want to "go out and be free" as a single man. Ever since I started dating at 17, I've never been single. This could be part of my MLC. If I'm having a MLC.

There's no rush. I'll be waiting until mid-2012 before making a concrete decision.
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