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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
After reading through your story, my one biggest thought is that none of these people are good for you. They may have good things about them, but the bad is way outweighing the good.
I agree with this! How do you reach out for help? Well you took one step just by sharing your story. My advice is to find a professional. Depression is a serious issue, and it doesn't sound like you're the only one who may struggle with it. If you really love these people, you will encourage them to either go to counseling with your or to go to it on their own. I know it can be expensive, but if you're going to school still a lot of colleges will offer discounted services for you (and your partners if you go as a group). Your parents may be willing to help with it too if they can.

The cycle of violence has to stop. In what you've said so far, there has been self inflicted physical wounds, physical violence between 'partners', AND emotional and psychological abuse in the forms of severely controlling tendencies and dependency issues. Please, please, please try to stop this cycle by either stepping away from these people who affect you so negatively or by seeking help for ALL OF YOU. You may have to do both. You are way too young to be stuck in an unhealthy relationship and feeling like there is no alternative.
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