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Originally Posted by blitzbaby3 View Post
I want to reach out for help, but how do I?

My parents just say this is adulthood.

Adults don't feel this ever. I'm getting sick often. I don't want to eat.
Hey Blitz. I'm sorry about what you're going through. After reading through your story, my one biggest thought is that none of these people are good for you. They may have good things about them, but the bad is way outweighing the good.

Why not step back from all of it for a while, don't date anyone, just focus on having strong friendships and being the happiest, most active you you can be? Get your head straight, then think about getting back into the dating world. But I don't see how you can move forward in a positive way with these very toxic relationships in your life.

There is help out there. Your parents' reaction was kinda cold, but it's true, adults do feel this way all the time -- my own bf struggles with depression, which is what it sounds like you're going through now -- and there are resources to support you. Talk to the health department at your school, call the health department for the city or county you're in, call a local hospital, and tell them you're a young person in a bad state of mind and you're looking for low-cost, free, or sliding scale counseling services. Just keep looking until you find a service that can help, they're out there.
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