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So I was pretty confused after T hurt me by sending pictures to another girl. I know he was stressed by me and B's issues, but it hurt.

So I had to rely on on L for rides. It was turbulent. He'd give me rides to work and such. We had sex. I told him I was confused. I told him I had been with T and B. I told him all about it. I told him I still loved him in ways, that I couldn't give myself to anyone fully. I dated another coworker, L knew. I went on one date to forget the pain of T. I just couldn't fill the hole in my heart. I was lost. I told my family about it. B kept wanting to see me, but I have no car. Sometimes we'd make plans but she gets so insecure and says things that just turn me off the idea. I want her to make an account on here. Maybe it'd help?

On top of my confusion about T, B, and L, I had three coworkers trying to get me to date them seriously. I felt so much pressure. They kept asking me to choose them, that they wouldn't hurt me. That I should give them a chance. But I just kept wanting to give T and L chances, B hasn't hurt me like them. I was so pissed I had given them chances and nothing right was coming from it.

Two days after the big night with T and B I saw T at work. I was waiting for a ride from L. T was going out to his car for break. He saw me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile too, which pissed me off. We talked. I asked if we were still going to talk. He said we would. I asked if we were still friends. He said he were. I knew at that moment I couldn't stay mad... FUCK.
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