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There's a Professor at Georgia State U whose research specialization is poly. She's completing a longitudinal study on children of poly families, but it hasn't been published yet. She might have some ideas for you on what is out there comparing Poly to Feminist Theory.
I actually had a email exchange going with Professor Sheff for a part of last semester. Felt weird because I felt like I was intruding without a clear question to ask. lol

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I'm working on Religion papers at the moment and actively avoiding the fact that I have to delve into Feminist theory to work on Feminism in the anabaptist expression of religion. Today, I have the flu. I'm already working on an extension on this project, so I'm going to give myself today to be sick. I raided my Dad's Religion stuff (that's his area of expertise). He would die if I asked him about poly stuff though Hazard of his being both a Sociologist AND an Ordained Mennonite Minister.
Ouch, personal life can be so much simpler when you're an agnostic in philosophy and an atheist in practice. Though if you are doing the sociology of religion, have you ever heard of David Bromley? He was my sociology of religion professor at VCU during my undergrad years. I didn't find out that he's apparently a bigwig in the sociology of religion in general and New Religious Movements in particular. Wicked sense of humor

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