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I wasn't trying to be aggressive or dismissive ...just looking at the situation and giving my honest opinion.

Problems you face. 1. cheating/betrayal 2. Mid life change up ...I call restless heart syndrome 3. Established wive feeling she's being replaced by younger newer model...hard to argue.
4. Staunch philosophical resistance from wife

I can see each one individually being a major sticking point or deal breaker ..all in concert together ...sorry ...just don't see how get over all of them. Could you do it.. sure ...god bless you...and please let us know how you did it.

Rolls reversed this nice young 22yr old guy comes to your country to help his uncle with his landscaping business. This kid spends alot of time around your wife ....yada yada yada they have an 8 month sexual affair.... your wife admits to actually falling in love with the lad and wants him to move in with you. You never saw it coming. What do say would that work ...out side of free yard work?
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