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Something I have discovered over time is that monogamy is societally based on monoamoury. By its nature it creates this relationship dynamic. Really though, most people develop feelings for others all the time. Its what is done with those feelings that is the question really in terms of the difference between poly and mono.

Sometimes poly indicates a lifestyle choice and sometimes an orientation. For example my Mono is monoamourous. Its tested and true to this point. It makes him monogamous as an idnetity, not as a lifestyle choice.

I think people can be monogamous and be polyamourous depending on stage and choice in life as a lifestyle choice. They can also be monoamorous and be monogamous as an identity, but it stands to reason that they wouldn't be monoamourous and in a polyamorous. They could be in a poly relationship dynamic maybe, as Mono is.
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