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In some ways, I am in an interfaith poly tangle. I grew up as a Christian, accepted Jesus as my personal savior at the tender age of 7 in the back seat of my grandmother's mini van. I did this of my own accord and later told my grandmother, so it wasn't something that was ever forced on me. I went to a non-denominational Christian school through 7th grade before I chose to be thrust into the public school district, because my parents couldn't afford to pay the tuition for my younger siblings and I was on a scholarship because I had been living with my grandmother when I was enrolled. I thought I was showing solidarity with my siblings by choosing to leave the school with them.

Right around that time, I was exposed to what some refer to as the Toronto movement; and had a profound spiritual experience with what I perceive as God. When I met Runic Wolf, I was attending church 2-3 times a week and introduced him to it.

Runic Wolf did not attend church growing up for one reason or another and found that he could achieve a greater connection with what he perceived as God outside of a church service.

It wasn't until he left for the ARMY and I left for college, that my beliefs really started evolving. For starters, we lived in one of the most haunted places in the states; Fort Riley even had it's own ghost tour. I have always been empathic and a sensitive; though i was raised that those are gifts of the Holy Spirit. So seeing ghosts was not alarming to me. But the nature of midwest churches was and I started exploring alternate ways to connect with God; blending pagan practices with my own Christian beliefs.

Currently, Runic Wolf and I still have our faith in God and Jesus Christ, but we practice in very different ways. I lean towards a more celtic tradition and he leans more norse. I am looking forward to becoming involved in the Universalist Unitarian Church, when my car is back up and running because I miss actual church services, but he doesn't need them.

Wendigo is agnostic, he was raised either methodist or lutheren, I can't remember. I do remember that he went to church with his mother as a child and sat in the back row along with a couple of transexuals. His pastor was very accepting and I think that he was the reason Wendigo kept attending as a teen. I am pretty sure Pretty Lady is an athiest and I know that their son is. Pretty Lady's experience with the church was it's bigorty towards her father, who was accidentally outed as gay by his children when they were teens.

Wendigo, Runic Wolf, and I enjoy having discussions with our friend JAM about religion and politics because while all of our views vary, we can have discourse w/o it leading to an argument or worrying that we'll piss someone off and ruin things. I'm very lucky that way.
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